● Three grade is available for different temperatures so that almost thermoplastics are cleanable.
● Achieves outstanding cleaning ability for molding machine cylinders, nozzles, and dice.
● Each grade performs high cleaning effect with a small amount ,the cleaning time is shortened.
● Excellent performance abluent that the key to new era of manufacturing multi-product in small lots.


● Depending on the temparatures, three grade is available for not only changing color of commodity plastic, also purging of Super Engineering plastic.
●  Inside of cylinder, nozzle, and dice are very cleanable due to the remarkable materials structure of "AMTECLEAN A".
●  Because each grade performs high cleaning effect with a small amount, the cleaning time is shortened and the cleaning operation can be simplified.

 AMTECLEAN A【Grade & Effect of use】
Grade Recommended Temp. Applicable Resin
AP-10 180℃~250℃ 【Commodity plastics】
PP, PS, ABS, PE, PA, etc.
AP-21 250℃~320℃ 【Engineering plastics】
PA, PBT, Modified PPE, PC, etc.
AP-22 230℃~370℃ 【Heatproof commodity plastics - Super engineering plastics】
Heatproof ABS, PE, PA, PC, Modified PPE, PPS, LCP, PES, PEEK, etc.

● Every Grade is used for genaral injection molding machines only and might be unabole to be used for other type of molding machines.
● Because material structure and cleaning mechanism are different for AP-21 and AP-22, the cleaning effect might be different even at the same temperature.

 Product Form

● Packing・・・25kg in heavy-duty paper bag