AMTETRA is Tetrapod shaped single crystal of zinc oxide has been achieved the first world's inovation of mass production.
  Rubber:Braking ability and Abrasion-resistant effect
  Paint:Anti-static and Supper water repellence effect
  Resin: Abrasion-resistant and Thermal conductivity effect
  Filter:Filtration performance effect

 Characteristics of AMTETRA
substance Zinc oxide
Chemical formula ZnO
Structure Single crystal (Needle shape)
Shape Tetrapod Shape
Ave. length of leg Abt. 10μm, Abt. 20μm
Specific gravity 5.78
Relative density Abt. 0.1
Melting point (under pressure) 2000℃
Sublimation point 1720℃
specific heat capacity 523 J/kg℃
Thermal conductivity 25.3 W/m・k
coefficient of thermal expansion 3.18×10-6/℃
refractive index 1.9~2.0
relative permittivity(2.4×1010Hz) ε=8.5
Volume resistance Abt.10Ω・cm
 Basic structure of AMTETRA

● Tetrapod shaped single crystal of zinc oxide

Grade Specification Main recommended compound matrix
untreated surface Rubber material,Elastomer,Fluororesin,Paints
Amino Silane coupling Agent General resin materials(PP・PS・ABS・PA・PPS・LCP・etc.)
WZ-0531 Epoxysilane coupling Agent General resin materials(POM・PBT・etc.)
WZ-05B1 Titanate-based coupling Agent water-repellent(Silicone,fluorine)
WZ-05E1 Silicone Oil only for Polycarbonate Resin
WZ-05F1 Amino Silane coupling Agent
(Crushing process with atomizer)
General resin materials(PP・PS・ABS・PA・PPS・LCP・etc.)Paints
 Combined effect
 Product Form

● Packing Form:surface treatment・・・15kg /paper Bag
● untreated surface・・・・・・・10kg /paper Bag